Friday, 15 July 2016

Sports Day Fun - 14th July

Thank goodness Thursday 14th July (our reserve Sports day) was a sunny day!
It was great to see all the children taking part, doing their very best and having lots of fun in all the events. There were lots of new records set in the Key Stage 2 afternoon events in particular, which is a fantastic achievement.
The children of Stour were delighted to come first on the Key Stage 2 leader board, but overall for the whole school Melbury just came in ahead to take the top spot, followed by Stour, Bulbarrow & Hambledon.
Well done everyone, it was fantastic to see such great sportsmanship across the school.

Amanda Oakley
(Foundation Governor / Year 5 parent)

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

School Production

Wow!!  Congratulations to Sarah Walton, Rose Rees and all the children and other staff involved in this year's school production - what a fantastic show!!

Thoroughly enjoyed it and really cannot thank everyone enough for such a great effort.  Regards, Trevor Keep - Chair of Governors

Maths Learning Walk

Apologies for the late posting, but thought I would just say thank you to the staff and children that accommodated my maths learning walk on Friday 24th June - a very interesting visit and set of discussions from my perspective, where I was focussing on differentiation and how it is evidenced in the children's learning.  It is fascinating to hear how children each explain what they enjoy and don't enjoy about Maths and what they find easy and hard.  Regards, Trevor Keep

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Ocean Commotion.....

The school production  'Ocean Commotion' was a wonderful show. The scene was set with blue/green fabric and shining glitter ribbon depicting waves. A painted underwater scene of exotic fish along the front of the stage gave the large audience a hint of the show content.  Music with a catchy beat featured throughout, the singing was amazing and all the performers impressive. The dancing steps and actions were well remembered and looked great fun to do !
The audience met many sea creatures including a  dolphin, a hammerhead shark, orca and tuna fish -- who were instructed to 'Look out for the net'. The most memorable fish was the 'Red Herring' who played the joker and wore a stunning red costume.
Everyone had worked very, very hard to provide a very enjoyable show with super props and costumes. Well done to all involved !!

Key Stage Two Production 30th June - 1st July

A huge well done to all the Key Stage Two children that took part in the school production Ocean Commotion! Both nights were a huge success with excellent acting, superb dancing and fantastic singing by all involved.
The witty script and catchy songs were very much enjoyed by the audience and it was clear to see the children having lots of fun performing it.
A big thank you to all the staff and children involved for all your hard work and commitment.

Amanda Oakley

Friday, 8 July 2016

Year 2 Assembly

Year 2 set themselves an amazing task. 30 Days Wild Challenge!
Each day of June, both at school and home, the challenge was to explore the natural environment. They carefully noted what happened when  watercolour art work was left out in the rain, learnt how to make mud paint, made a garden hanging from found natural items and looked in the garden for some wild flowers, the petals of which were made into a rainbow art work. Time was spent observing clouds, barefoot and sound walks were enjoyed and written about.
For parents, carers and visitors to the assembly the treat was delicious garlic bread. The garlic had been planted last autumn and nurtured throughout the winter and spring to produce bulbs, the cloves of which were made into a paste to spread on the bread and then warmed in the oven. The harvest was so plentiful many people were able to take away bulbs for some home cooking ! Well done to Year 2, an excellent presentation with super observational skills demonstrated.
Congratulations to team Bulbarrow with 293 points.   


Thursday, 2 June 2016

Arts Week

On the Friday of Arts Week all the work completed was displayed in the hall. What a wonderful show, colourful well presented and executed art work from the whole school . Inspiration was taken from many artists and a wide variety of mediums had been used. Paintings, papier mache,
cut-outs in the style of Henri Matisse, clay waterlillies and an art installation on the hill of paper poppies taking inspiration from the art work and picture 'Field of Poppies' by Claude Monet. Differing grades of pencil lead were tried out, mathmatical drawings of M.C Escher were demonstrated and print work, with a print of astronaut Tim Peake as a background, over which different blocks of colour were applied. The 'comic-strip' art of Roy Lichtenstein made an amazing impact - a real wow factor ! Congratulations to all staff and pupils in achieving such high standards and a fantastic show.